Piano Kalgoorlie

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Welcome to my site of piano lesson!

Some of you may be wondering if you really should learn piano.. or if you should introduce music lesson to your children?

Playing an active role in music – like attending music lesson – has been shown by many researches to have influences in human development. That includes enhancing intelligence (e.g. math) and ability in cognitive tasks (e.g. reading, memorizing). Click 'Music and Intelligence' for details.


Despite all the studies, for those who are not sure about their interest in piano, I am offering a TWO WEEKS SPECIAL TRIALS. See ‘Fees and Agreement’ for details.

I don’t run the lesson using school term basis, the lessons are running during the school period and the school breaks.. means your children get opportunities to fill in their holiday with educating activites - learning music!

My style of teaching is more to casual, yet still follows the curriculum and delivers the points of music. I believe people absorb things easier when they are relaxed. Personally I get satisfaction when seeing my students understand what I pass it onto them, like playing the songs well, understand the beats and dynamic symbols, etc.

I always try to pass things as easy as I could to my students, especially with children. Every week I write what homeworks for the following weeks, and a short review about the previous lesson. This is a guidance for the students what they have to work on, and for the parents to have a look and help their children practicing at home.

See more of my students playing piano here: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbqUpcFeL2kG5yisPWNOi0A?feature=watch
Depending on the situation of each individual, I usually give a report or update about how their children progressing to the parents every semester. On the other hand, any feedback from parents are most welcomed.

Different teachers have different style of teaching..  I encourage you to find the teacher that suits you, not necessarily has to be the best teacher.

If you feel that I might be the teacher for you, feel free to contact me!